Top 5 Best Headphones in India | A Must Read Before Purchase

Music is very important in a person life it gives feeling, happiness makes us happy, we enjoy music and lots of other things are there. To enjoy a great music we need good music systems and one of them is headphones and earphones when we want to enjoy music alone or while travelling.

Selecting a good headphone is not difficult but we should always know what we are purchasing. Today I’m going to share, how you can get the best headphone in India at a better price by looking few points about them.

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Top 5 Best Headphones present in the Indian market

#1  JBL T250SI On-the-Ear Headphones –

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JBL is a good brand and the sound quality is good with nice bass in headphones at the price range they are offering. JBL T250 produce good sound at such lower price. It does not come with a mic so if you want to use it for skype or professional use it won’t help you.

If you are looking for music on Laptop it will produce a nice sound. They are light in weight so you can use it for longer hours and comfortable ear cups gives a cosy feel to ear this helps to reduce pain after removal of headphone which generally happens with headphones. These are the low price as well you can get these online under Rs. 1000. Don’t consider it for travelling because they are little bigger in size for travelling and would take more space.

  1. 3.5mm gold plated connectors to give high sound quality
  2. High-power driver with bass that you can feel.
  3. Self-adjusting earcups for better comfort and support.
  4. Without Microphone not good for skype and Chatting.
  5. Light weight on-the-ear Headphone.

#2 Sennheiser HD 202  II Professional Over-Ear Headphones

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This is one of the best headphone present in the market which is good for DJ and modern music systems and headphones. The HD 202 has a crisp bass and its light weight, adjustable cord feature makes it easy to use with mobile and home hi-fi systems. It has powerful Neodymium magnets to produce powerful bass and crisp sound.

If you are looking for good headphones with powerful bass crisp sound and great quality then these are best to consider also they are low budget.

  1. On-ear headphones with ear closing cups.
  2. Produce Powerful bass, Ideal for DJ, smartphones phones and home music systems.
  3. Earcups can be removed
  4. An adjustable cord of 3 meters, good for travelling.
  5. 2-years of warranty


#3  Sony XB450 on-ear Headphones with Extra Bass

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One of the most selling headphones in the market because of its price and quality offered by sony. These are On-the-ear headphones with extra bass which ensure you never miss a beat. The design is good as it made with a focus for travelling users, it has soft ear cups which gives relax feel after listening music for hours, swivel folding design and tangle-free cords makes it the best choice for people who are always travelling.

If you want to get wow music and looking for good travelling headphones to be used with your smartphone then you can consider Sony XB450 as your first preference.

  1. On-the-ear headphone with extra bass and powerful magnets.
  2. It has no Mic for talking
  3. It is wired headphone with 3.5mm jack and 1.2-meter cord
  4. Lower impedance of 24ohms.
  5. Stylish design with swivel folding earcups and tangle-free cords.

#4  Philips SHL 3000 Over the ear Headphones

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These are over ear headphones at very affordable price plus the features and sound quality it offers is really great. They are DJ style headphones with movable ear cups with power bass and crisp sound. Ear cups cover whole ear and make these noise cancelling headphones with no kind of external sound entering your ears.

It can be taken anywhere easily and cushion present on Philips SHL 3000 helps in long music listening session. It has a rotatable design so it can be easily held around the neck and can be packed easily.

  1. DJ monitoring style adjustable ear shells and headband fit any head easily.
  2. The cable of length 1.2 meter is suitable for the most purpose.
  3. Light weight can be carried and packed easily.
  4. Powerfull bass gives nice music experience.
  5. Without Mic.

#5 Philips shs390 on-ear Headphones

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These are very affordable, light weight, easy to carry and wear, with all these qualities and price it also offers nice sound quality. I used it for very long time as I never liked bigger headphones while travelling so these were perfect for me. It produces nice bass but you won’t get the sound like Over-ear headphones but still good for the price.

Its single-sided cable plus point when you are travelling as it reduces tangling. Cushion on the earcups are also good and you can use it for listening music for longer hours.

  1. Neckband style headphone with nice bass.
  2. Bass Beat vent for better sound with deep rich bass
  3. Good cable length with 1.2-meter cable and 3.2mm universal jack.
  4. Without Mic, it can only be used for music
  5. Comes with 1-year warranty.

How to select the best Headphone in India for personal use

Below are some points you might want to check before purchasing a headphone online.

  1. Type – what kind of headphone you are looking there can be many types like Headphone can be wireless or wired. It can be on the ear or over the ear type. It can be a headphone or earphone because mostly people also consider earphone as headphone. I will describe each kind of headphone later in this article.
  2. Requirement – This is the most important step for selecting headphone what is your purpose of using headphone are you looking for laptop or mobile or might be TV. So first be specific about your purpose because for mobile you might need a mic if you talk a lot and if you are looking for just music you don’t need a mic. If you are looking for TV you must need a wireless headphone.
  3. Heavy – Weight of headphone is a very important factor because a heavy headphone is difficult to carry and they are also not comfortable for heavy usage.
  4. Impedance or Resistance – Impedance is a factor which consumes power of the device you are attaching so if you are using it for a mobile then impedance should be less around 35 ohms. Higher the resistance of headphone higher battery consumption.
  5. Bass – gives the beats to music it makes songs alive. Headphones having extra bass gives more pleasure in listening music. If you are interested in listening rock music then you must check whether it has a good bass or not.
  6. Sound Loudness – The loudness of headphones give a good feel of the music. If a headphone has a sound level above 90DB (decibels) it will deliver good music to you or you can also say it will have nice bass too. But don’t go with headphones having more than 120 DB it might harm your ears when you will listen to loud music.
  7. Mic – You can check mic whether you need or not sometimes we need only headphones to listen to music, in that case, avoiding mic is a good option.
  8. Price Range – It is one of the major factors we consider while buying headphones but believe me if you want to enjoy the music you need to buy headphones above Rs 1000 as they will give you a nice sound.
  9. Brand – Plays a major role in delivering the quality. Better the brand better will be your experience. Believe me, I have used high-end headphones and the experience is just awesome. I tried beats headphones and Bose headphones too and they give you music you can only experience once you use them. Other brands like Philips, Sony, Sennheiser, JBL,Skullcandy also gives good sound quality and are cheap compared to Bose and Beats headphones.
  10. Size – Sometimes headphone gets really big in size that you cannot carry them with you this happens especially with over the ear headphones. If you are considering headphones for travelling then you might wanna look at on the ear headphones.

Different types of Headphones

Now, this is very important because there are a different variety of headphones that we never look or we don’t know. So I will tell you what kind of headphones are available in the market.

Headphones and Earphones

Now mostly people confuse Headphones as earphones but they are totally different in every view. Headphones are big in size and they are generally used for better sound, laptops, professional use, gaming. Headphones has a noise cancelling effect by covering our ears. While earphones are smaller in size they are mainly used with mobiles for talking they are also cheap in price compared to headphones.

On-ear or Over the Ear headphones

This is a category for headphones only. On the ear headphones are smaller in size and they are cheap they also. On the ear headphones are perfect for travelling use. Their sound quality will be lower compared to over the ear headphones and they are cheap as well.

Over the ear headphones are best for listening music and professional use because they have a noise cancelling effect which reduces outside noise and you only hear the music. They have high bass as well and they deliver the best quality of music but they are costly compared to on the ear headphones. To listen music we can say over the ear are best headphones through which you can enjoy music for longer hours.

Wireless or Wired Headphones

Wireless headphone do not use wire for connecting with the device it uses Bluetooth. They are good for enjoying music or even for television when you want to listen to music from a distance. Wireless headphones come handy while exercising or doing any other kind of activity which cannot bear distance and wires. They are generally costly and also need a good battery to deliver music for the longer time.

Wired Headphones are good when you are near to your device like a mobile phone or laptop. These don’t need a battery and are also cheap in comparison to wireless Headphones.

These were 5 best Headphones in India present online. I hope you got the idea on how to select the best earphone if you remember all these points you can easily purchase one for yourself.

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