Shure SE215 Review | Noise Cancelling Earphones

In case you don’t know there is a difference between active noise cancellation and noise isolation. Isolation is a natural process and does not increase sound pressure at the eardrums. The active noise cancellation adds the noise floor and increases the sound pressure, your ears may not feel this but may get damaged over a longer period of time.

The Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones delivers a flawless balance of noise isolation and gives detailed sound and clear bass. The distinctive quality and ability to isolate noise make it a preferable earphone in its category.

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So many of us still use the sloppy and uncomfortable earphones that come with our smartphones. It is the bitter truth, but I have a very easy solution for this problem.

Yes, it is time to move on and grab something priceless and top quality product to take our music listening experience to a whole new level. let us see some key features of this brilliant Shure SE215 earphone…


As discussed earlier, noise isolation is the prime feature of Shure SE215 earphone. Sound isolation sleeves in the earphone provide up to 37db of isolation and best-customized fit.

After being examined and used by so many professional musicians the SE215 delivers detailed sound for personal music listening and professional monitoring. It is simply magnificent.


Comfort Ergonomics and Professional lightweight design make SE215 easy to wear in the ears. Over the ears, configuration keeps the cable out of the way.

Detachable Kevlar reinforced cable allows easy replacement and customization. It’s gold plated connector having lock-snap mechanism allows these earphones to rotate 360 degrees.


With the noise isolation feature, the sound quality of Shure SE215 looks premium.

You actually enjoy a lot the way these earphones sounds in some mixes having less bass. Shure has built these with an emphasis on bass. Bass based earphones like these are very popular in the market and this trend is probably won’t end soon.


– Comes with trendy Carry Case.
– Shure has made 6 pairs of rubber tips on these earphones.
– Up to 37db SPL noise attenuation.
– Comfort fit design for extended use.
– Detachable cable and Right-angle jack.

*I liked….

– Powerful Bass
– Top class cable quality
– Dynamic drivers
– Excellent build quality and sound performance

*I disliked….

– No detailed treble
– Lack of in-line controls


So many users have given very good ratings and reviews to the Shure SE215 earphones here are few of them….
“Slightly pricey but quality stuff…worth it !!”

“Absolute brilliance, best class..the noise isolation is really good”

“Super quality sound, at this cost will not be getting better…”

Final Verdict :

The Shure SE215 is attractive and valuable for money even at this price. Superb noise isolation, outstanding performance and great comfort. If you want to consider a different approach of for in-ear earphones, this is for you.

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