JBL T250 SI on-the-ear headphone Review

JBL T250 SI On-Ear headphone is powerful and dynamic headphone for those who doesn’t want to compromise with the sound quality. If you want best in class sound quality without having much burden in your wallet then JBL T250 SI On-Ear headphone is the answer for you. With the signature sound clarity of the JBL and attractive design, this headphone can surely impress anyone who loves music.

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Whether you are an expert who reviews headphones or you are just a buyer, one thing you want in the headphone is the best sound quality and powerful bass system. JBL T250 SI On-ear headphone is the right alternative if you are looking for the best in the class bass and dynamic sound reproduction. It has the signature sound clarity of JBL and outstanding music listening experience with a high end bass system. Even some songs with maximum beats will never hit your ears badly, you will just enjoy a song like anything.


You probably don’t have many choices when it comes to selecting a good headphone within the limit of your budget. It eliminates this drawback and gives the value for money and great well-designed product. This headphone is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. With its self-adjusting ear cups and comfortable padded headband, your ears feel utmost comfort while listening to music even for longer hours. JBL T250 SI is basically the synonym of comfort.


– High power bass mechanism and Extremely lightweight construction
– It comes with 3.5mm gold-plated connector for high-quality music reproductions.
– High power magnetic drivers.
– Powerful 20 to 20,000Hz dynamic frequency range with 32 ohms impedance.
Pros and Cons :


– Light weight design
– Comfortable and adjustable ear cups.
– Above average bass quality when compared to price.
– 1 Meter wire with 3.5mm gold jack.
– Comfortable headband


– Average output volume sometime
– Not useful for professional use.


JBL T250 SI is comfortable and powerful headphone. It is cheaper than other range of products with high-end bass and sound quality. Best for daily usage and enjoyment through your favorite music playlist. If you are looking to buy something which gives a great return on investment then don’t think twice and go for this awesome product.

I have found 1516 people who gave this headphone 5 out of 5-star ratings. Around 1020 users have also rated 4 out of 5. Most of the reviews, as you can see, are extremely positive. Let’s go through some of the reviews written by some users….
“I bought this product for very low price, I would definitely recommend this product to everyone”

“Excellent bass quality and top of the world sound reproduction…don’t think again go for it”

Conclusion :

You know these reviews and ratings are the reason I recommend JBL T250 Si On-Ear headphones without any doubt because the actual user is the ultimate critic of any product.

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