Creative EP 630 Review | Noise isolation Earphones

Creative EP 630 earphones are heavy thumping in the bass and all around better sound experience. it has clear highs that appeal. This is the earphone that makes you sit and listen to the music. You have the option to select 3 pairs of bundled silicon ear tips available in S/M/L for the most optimum fits…thanks to the in-ear customized design. Choose from more than five colors available and select the best fit for you.

Let us have quick look at some best feature of Creative EP 630 earphones…


It has incredible noise isolation feature that prevents disturbing outdoor noise so that you can enjoy seamless music without any hurdle. In-ear, design reduces the background noise and sound leakage and achieves optimum music playback.


The sound quality  is magnificent, not even single drops feel lacking. The frequency range of 6 to 23000Hz gives you immense pleasure while listening to your favorite. Bass quality of this earphone is as good as some giant surround system.


You can enjoy your favorite playlist for longer hours without getting any kind of irritation or pain in your ears…thanks to the classy and well-constructed design of EP630. Here we have one clever option of choosing the pairs of silicon tips from the three sizes i.e. S/M/L.


– Perfect noise isolation system
– Deep bass
– Loud music (Very useful while traveling)
– 3 Ear tips option
– Carrying pouch included
– Value for money


– Thin wire, not enough long
– Minor shrilling


– Comes with 3 type of tip option in 3 sizes
– 3.5mm Single pin wire
– Available in 5 beautiful colors ; Peach Black, Pacific Blue, Atlantic green, Pink and Arctic white.
– Oxygen-free copper cable


As a customer, if anyone tells me that premium features like noise cancellation and isolation are available in such a low priced earphone like Creative EP 630, then I would not think twice to buy it. Here are some users who also have bought this amazing earphone without thinking too much.
“Well wire is thin, but if you compare the price then this is the jackpot for me…4.5 stars”

“Perfectly fits my adventurous lifestyle. I wear them in the rains without any tension, have accidentally sat on them and pulled them a few times, no problems! Very durable like most Creative products and one pair will easily last you more than a year. Noise cancellation is pretty decent. One of the true classics from this brand and well worth the 5 stars.”

“My third EP-630 in last 8 years, earlier ones lasted 4 years each after extensive usage. As always the audio quality is awesome.”


Are you still thinking ?? don’t think click on the Buy button and get your magical pair of Creative EP 630 earphone. You could live with these earphone forever.

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