Top 5 Best In Ear Headphones In India Reviews Ratings & Price List 2017


best in ear headphonesIf you want to listen to the music in a piece and don’t want any kind of interference from this noisy world, then in-ear headphones are the best thing to use. In-ear headphones fit like true earplugs and give good or better sound quality than full-size speakers. One question we always ask ourselves before buying anything that which one is best to purchase? Which are the best headphones we can buy? and never regret anything after buying it.

Before going into the crucial discussion on which is the best in-ear headphones, I would like to highlight some important factors associated with them.

We know that nothing works better than headphones when it comes to listening to your favorite music in a piece and cut all the unnecessary noise from the busy outside world. These music companions are very convenient while travelling and excellent for noisy environments.

Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones Vs. Wired In-Ear Headphones

We barely think about considering this aspect before selecting the in-ear headphones. they are available in two forms i.e. Wireless and Corded.

Wireless models as the name suggests are wireless, connected using Bluetooth, that’s why it is called Bluetooth in-ear headphones. In this kind of models, the amount of interference in frequencies is high. So many users find wireless earbuds easy to use and attractive. A Number of things should be considered before buying Bluetooth headphones like Comfort, Battery Life, Range of connectivity, Voice Command etc.

Wired headphones are traditional and most used headphones. Unlike wireless earbuds, these headphones give better sound quality and experience. Headphones with a microphone are also popular among users. Wired earbuds are cheaper than those Bluetooth in-ear headphones.

We all know that we buy so many things online nowadays and it is an easy and comfortable way of shopping. If you are thinking to buy headphones from online platforms, then following are some aspects you might want to consider before clicking on your favorite website…

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How To Select Best In Ear Headphones In India For Personal Use

Online purchasing is now an integral part of our shopping life. So is it okay to buy in-ear headphones from online shopping websites?

the answer is quite simple; If you will buy headphones after considering some key aspects given here, then yes you can find your best pair online.

Buying headphones online is no big deal. You just have to be very clear in every aspect and be wise about your decision like….


1 Sound Quality:

Sound quality is the primary aspect before selecting the any ear buds. If we don’t get the sound quality we want there is no use of it. If you are buying headphones from an online platform make sure that it provides the best in class sound quality and matches with your expectations.

2 Comfort:

Does it fit in your ears properly? Yes, the comfort is even more important when you use these earphones. Some people use these for so many hours in a day so it is necessary that headphones only give the best comfort to your ears not the irritation.

3 Return Policy:

It is not possible to test physically each and every time when you buy a thing from online sites. So, in that case, you must refer company’s return policy carefully, so that in case you did not like headphones you can return it with ease.

4 The Money Factor:

Think twice before buying cheap earphones for your ears. Cheap earphones can often hurt your ears in various ways and it has low-end plastic material so it can make dents in your ears. Go for some mid-range models which are worth the money you spend for or if you want any high range products with the highest level of quality assurance you can try some products from Sennheiser, Sony Shure etc.

Okay now let us go to the main matter. Here, I am going to talk about some headphones in which you can invest and can get the better return on investment. These products are truly the best in-ear headphones you can find online…

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Top 5 Best Selling In Ear Headphone Reviews

#1 Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone:

sennheiser-cx-180-street-ll-in-ear-headphonesQuick Look:

– Frequency response ranging from 18 to 20000 Hz

– Fantastically designed structure

– Powerful sound and superior Bass

– In-ear Canal phone design

Sennheiser is reputed brand providing best in class in ear headphones with the superior sound enhancement and discriminating audiophiles. it is specially designed to eliminate outdoor noise and to give top-class sound quality.

A remarkable sound reproduction and marvelous engineering, Sennheiser CX 180 Street 2 is mandatory accessories for music lovers. With the powerful capabilities of superior bass and inbuilt sound, experience allows you to listen to music uncompromised. Sennheiser has designed these headphones in such a way that it not only gives the fantastic appearance but also gives comfort to listeners.

The last thing you don’t want while listening to your favorite music is that outdoor noise pollution.

It has a special technical feature that includes higher sensitivity 16 Ohms. With the technically advanced design, it ensures that any outside noise does not disturb your music listening. It is also very lightweight and portable so that you can carry it anywhere you want with ease. It is a complete value for money in every aspect. From the outstanding sound, experience to easy to adjust well-engineered design it is the powerful tool that takes your music to the new level.



#2 JBL T150A In-Ear Headphone With Mic Review:

jbl-t150a-in-ear-headphonesQuick Look:

– Top class 8mm drivers

– Frequency response from 20 to 22000 Hz

– Built in mic with remote

– Lightweight Design


Whether you are traveling in public transport to work or any other medium, you need a pair of high-quality earphones like these JBL in-the ear earphones. Ergonomically designed, these lightweight and travel-friendly earphones deliver premium sound and comes with a built-in mic with one button easy to use remote.

JBL T150A Wired headphones with Mic comes with tangle-free wire with the length of 1.1 m. This cord allows you best in class ease as it is detachable. These ear buds come with a button that enables the user to take calls without disturbing your music. The wire also comes in the right length so that you can use it with utmost ease.

With 8mm driver size which ensures to give you a top sound quality. It has 20000 to 22000 frequency range which gives you the right thrill and pitch with outstanding clarity. With an impedance of 16, this stylish headphone is a must have for all the men and women fond of high-quality music. The sensitivity of speaker level is up to 100db/MW which ensures the right amount of vibration to deliver best quality sound. This headphone has the maximum sound pressure of 10 kilowatts.



#3 Sennheiser CX 275 S In -Ear Universal Mobile Headphone With Mic:

sennheiser-cx-275-s-in-ear-headphoneQuick Look:

– Volume Control and Mute button

– Universal Fit

– 3.5 mm Jack

– Foldable Design


Sennheiser CX 275X In-ear headphones fit all major smartphone and tablet brands, e.g. Apple iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, etc. It has classic Sennheiser sound and high powered dynamic speaker systems for great bass.

Provides great comfort to ear as adaptors are in different sizes for excellent fit and noise reduction.

If you want to explore unique high-quality sound experience on the go, then shop this Sennheiser CX275 s Universal Mobile Headset. This amazing mobile gear is truly a mark of excellence and best in-ear headphone. With Sennheiser’s signature sound, it’s a headset for the people who want nothing but the best when it comes to best in class sound experience.

This music headset is an ideal blend of style and comfort, featuring powerful speaker systems that deliver high-class bass-driven audio.

If you want to enjoy listening to good-quality music while travelling for official meeting or working on a college assignment, then these pair of Universal Mobile Headset is one necessary accessory for you to have.



#4 Soundpeats Qy7 Mini Lightweight Wireless Sports Headset:

soundpeats-qy7Quick Look:

– Powerful battery up to 6 hours

– Bluetooth wireless connector

– Sweat proof

– Built in microphone for calling


With the sales of over 1 MILLION in the past year, Soundpeats Qy7 Mini Lightweight wireless sports headset is the most favorite Wireless Bluetooth headphones to most people.

With its comfortable and secure design, it is more popular among a variety of users. These noise canceling pair include S/M/L ear tips and two types of different ear hooks to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for everyone.

Specially designed ear hooks so that you will never worry about the earbuds falling anywhere. Up to 6 hours talk time or music time and 145 hours standby time with 1-2 hours charging time it is also a very long lasting headphones. Since it has a super Light Weight Design, the net weight is only 3.17 ounces; you will feel nothing.

IPX4-Rated Sweat Resistant Built for your active lifestyle, the ear buds are rated IPX Level 4 and can withstand dripping sweat.

Top class design useful for ultimate wearing comfort to match your active lifestyle like running, jogging, cycling, driving, camping, and other outdoor sports. Bluetooth 4.1 Technology can connect devices simultaneously and allows to automatically connecting after paired successfully for the first time.

HD STEREO & NOISE CANCELLATION adopted CVC Version 6.0 NOISE CANCELLATION technology, guarantees HD stereo sound quality and provides steady Bluetooth signal and provides steady Bluetooth signal. The Headphones are compatible with most cell phones, iPhone and Android.



#5 Philips SHQ1200 Action Fit Sports In-Ear Headphones Review:

philips-shq1200-action-fit-sportsQuick Look:

– Anti Bacterial and Waterproof

– Stylish Design

– 32ohms Impedance

– Sweat Resistant

Philips SHQ1200/28 Action fit sports headsets designed to fit in your ear canal and stay put even during extreme physical movement, these pair offer a comfortable fit with a tight seal. Also, true to the name, these Philips Action fit sports headphones feature vibrant orange and grey colors and a sporty design for fitness enthusiasts.

These Philips earplugs come with soft silicon caps in three different sizes so that you can choose the one that offers you the best fit. Considering the hostile environment that athletes work in, the Philips Action fit sports these are specially designed using the anti-bacterial material.

This headphone is your perfect gym workout and running companion.

Action Fit headphones are crafted from high-grade anti-slip rubber, which means that once you slip them into your ears, they’ll stay there securely comfortably. Specially designed for durability and strength, Its Kevlar-coated cable is well protected against all type of breaking and can handle the heat, wet, sweat, rain-ANYTHING!

If you do a lot of running and work out facing issues like headphones slipped out or popped out of your ears then don’t waste your time searching any other in-ear headphones and get these best in-ear headphones you have ever experienced.




At the end, you are the only person who decides which pair of in ear headphones suitable for you. So be wise and make some efforts to find something worth buying. If you think cheaper headphones sounds better than those high priced headphones then select the cheaper one. It is not necessary that sound quality is always better in costly headphones, only thing matters is the durability and overall quality. Hope this article helps you finding your best in ear headphones without any hassle.


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